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Sustainability 4.0

As part of the 4th wave of environmentalism, we are constantly looking at the use of innovative and emerging technologies to benefit both business and environmental performance.


Intelligent Warehouse


Drone Camera

Incorporating sustainability initiatives into warehouse management system not only mitigates harmful effects to the environment, encourages worker safety and comfort but also earns the respect of your customers and community at large.  From the business perspective, it also lowers operating costs, ultimately improving a company’s financial performance. 


Our Intelligent Warehouse (IW) solution features the following:

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

  • Automated Inventory Control Platform

  • Automated Picking


Depending on the size of your warehouse, its complexity, the number of personnel, and the logistical needs of your organisation, we are able set up the optimal configuration to organise real-time product flows within your warehouse, as well as manage stock and inventory.

You don’t need to complete a comprehensive overhaul of your warehouse to make it smarter and more efficient; instead, introduce the technologies that make sense for your business and all of its processes first.


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