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Food Waste Management

From 2021, developers of new premises have to set aside space for food-waste treatment systems and treat such waste on site from 2024.

"How can I recycle food waste to generate revenue?"

"What can I do to reduce food waste?"

Let us help you.


3R's of Food Waste Management


Our food waste management system focuses on two key thrusts – waste minimisation and recycling, or simply the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).  We will meet with you to understand your waste management needs and share with you the solutions available including access to any grants, if applicable.

Not sure how to implement?  We can also work with you to implement the 3R Programme including an outreach programme to guide your stakeholders to adopt the changes.

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Food Waste Management Tool


Our machine automatically tracks what is thrown away, and how much it costs you.

Receive personalised weekly data on your food waste / loss, including: categorical breakdowns, key menus wasted, cost of each item, etc.


Enables you to continually monitor and optimise your processes - from purchasing to menu engineering, from production methods to plating.

Fresh Pretzels
Food Distributon Organisation


Food excess or unsold redistribution process and system design.  


For example, to deliver unsold and/or excess food produce to Food Bank Singapore or Food from the Heart where they are packed and distribute to needy households.

Food Waste Composter


Our onsite food waste composter uses Waste Master's patented reactive oxygen technology that enables the creation of compost in 24 hours.​​


Unique features of our composters:

  • Quick Composting (within 24 hours)

  • No Foul Smell

  • Low maintenance

  • No microorganism/ enzymes needed*

  • No secondary segregation (Do Not need to remove Bones, shellfish*)

  • No Pre-Treatment (eg. rinse food waste before inserting)

  • DRY Output & “ready to use” (No additional drying process needed)

  • Easy to Operate


*applicable to selected models


Our Range of Food Waste Management Solutions


We help hotels, supermarkets, factories, schools or other F&B businesses save money on waste haulage cost & pest control by managing food waste at the source.

Waste Master Series 

(Available in Different Capacities)

WM400_052 white bg.jpg

Unique Technology

Comprehensive Data Captured

Green-Eco-Tech-7449 grey bg.jpg

Remote Monitoring

Rapid Diagnostics


One-Button Operation

Retain up to 95% Calorific & Nutrient Values

Maeko Series

(For Smaller Capacities)

Compact & Space Efficient

One-Button Operation

Stand Alone Unit

Ideal for Small - Mid sized Operation Scales

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